and cabinet making

"Enhancing your creations is the best proof of our talents". Know-how and mastery: French-style wood working for prestigious works. Decorators, architects, designers: whatever the project your customers dream of, we propose that you make it a reality in the most elegant way possible.

Cabinet maker layout, our business skill

We make it a point of honour to design and carry out projects with the utmost respect for their authenticity and aesthetics: that is why the greatest interior architects, designers and decorators… , call on our expertise in design and cabinetry.

Preciseness & Mastery

Solid wood, precious veneer or new materials, each project is a challenge that our team passionately meets out of a taste for challenge and well done work.

Our experienced and proud team has a wide range of skills. It offers a high-end, exclusive, complete and mastered service in the design and in the care of a proper realization.

Creativity & Robustness

Our partners network, experienced in our requirements, allows us to ensure a total management of the production.

Thus our offer goes well beyond the woodworking trades, to touch, among other things, those of upholstery, ironwork, locksmith,  mirrors, or lighting and the home automation integration.

Whatever your project, we’ll make it happen in the best way possible.

our expertise

From engineering studies to on-site installation, we have in-house mastery of all the design-manufacture-installation stages for a high-end project in interior architecture.

Methodology & Passion

Technical project and 2D / 3D software to ensure the feasibility of the architectural project in compliance with its aesthetic criteria and the standards requested.

The veneer, our core business: our workshop is equipped to realize with responsiveness and flexibility a custom veneer, that is custom-made, in all types of wood species, even rare.

The study and integration of business area and related materials: metal works, cladding, mirrors, etc. Thanks to a network of partners selected and developed for decades.

Implication & Service

In-house mastery of finishes on request: sandblasting, varnishing, lacquering, oiled or waxed finish…: search for colour, surface aspect, structure in compliance with the requirements of the interior architect or decorator.

Installation on site by our own installation teams: the guarantee of a continuity in the quality of our service. We will accompany you until the project reception, with the same involvement.


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