dedicated to productivity

“Productivity” solutions that are closer to reality, combining ergonomics, pragmatism, safety and reactivity.

special event

We have the capacity of design and production organized to offer maximum responsiveness and meet the needs of development or event furniture.

Take into account: the constraints of quick assembly and disassembly, storage, transport, access and handling capacities, the need for floor solutions, removable structures

technical furniture : order and functionality

They make it possible to no longer search for tools, ensure the presence of all the elements necessary for the current working phase, allow quick access to information.

collaborative workspace : together, to be more efficient

Because the more we are, the better, and because it is essential to properly share our objectives, because it is necessary to be well prepared to succeed, we design, in close collaboration with our customers, spaces that encourage the collaboration of the teams and the exchange points involved in daily management.

quality technical floors

Floor is an important element in industrial spaces. In the workshops, on the practicable, sometimes several activities can coexist leading to problems of safety for the teams, but also of working comfort.

We offer high quality floor solutions, with different coatings, limiting the risk of foot slip, signalling specific or dangerous areas, facilitating access in a given work area.

Groupe ADM has also filed a patent on light floors.

bespoke technical layouts dedicated to productivity

For more than a decade, the Groupe ADM has been providing its clients with solutions that combine pragmatism, ergonomics, safety and productivity.

Whatever the project - industrial furniture, collaborative spaces, technical floors, consumables – events - we deploy a very high reactivity in terms of design, implementation and intervention.


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